Sometimes you gotta see a GYN..

We are all recovering from the impact of the Coronavirus. One thing that should be clear to us all, is that nothing else matters when one's health is on the line. If you are struggling with a GYN issue, don't let lack of funds keep you from getting help.

May 4th, 2020
Dear Black Woman

Abysmal health statistics. Ongoing health disparities. Time to do better.

Jan 3rd, 2020
Hysterectomies Are So Passé

The most common reason for hysterectomy is symptomatic fibroids. Given the prevalence of fibroids, more women are seeking alternatives to hysterectomy. The science is evolving. More options and becoming available. Before consenting, know your options

Aug 7th, 2019
Ways to avoid vaginal dryness

POST MENOPAUSE VAGINAL DRYNESS. More common than you might think.. affecting many women who are too embarrassed to speak about it.

Jul 18th, 2019
What’s a Phthalate?

Phthalates are endocrine disruptive chemicals. They are present in our food, our beauty, health and home products. They are ubiquitous. They can pose health risks.

Jul 16th, 2019
Updates on Female Sexual Health

Acknowledging that there is a need for a solution is the first step in solving the problem. Female sexual health is important. The following is an update as to what is currently available and what is needed..

Jul 16th, 2019

Recent changes at the state level are making the availability of having an abortion increasingly more difficult. Collectively, we need to consider if this makes sense for the well being of our society and not get entrenched in ideological battles.

May 30th, 2019

Besides being embarrassing, excessive menstrual bleeding can lead to serious medical problems. Many women are having excessive menstrual flow and are unaware that their health issues such as fatigue, anemia are related to their heavy cycles.

Mar 11th, 2019
No Surgery for Fibroids

Fibroids are very common. It is the number one indication for hysterectomy in the US. Decreased productivity and time off from work makes this a medical issue that should concern all.

Feb 22nd, 2019
Why should I care?

January is Cervical Health Awareness Month. Learn the basics and become a superwoman advocating for female health.

Jan 3rd, 2019
Why MonaLisa

Fractional CO2 laser treatment for symptomatic menopausal women.

Jun 13th, 2018
Spring has sprung.

At some point you realize that it’s not about longevity but about the quality of your life. Live well.

Apr 10th, 2018
MonaLisa Touch - FAQs

Frequently asked questions about the novel treatment for vulvar/vaginal changes due to menopause including vaginal dryness, buring, and pain with sex.

Mar 8th, 2018
I have a headache..

Life is too short to be miserable. If you sexuality is important to YOU, seize the opportunity to be a better and happier you.

Apr 16th, 2019
5 Days Left!

Life is precious. No woman should die from preventable causes during childbirth.

Jan 25th, 2017
Please Show Your Support!

Edna Adan is working to change this by training midwives to provide the much needed care. She needs our support.

Jan 15th, 2017
US Maternal Mortality

Maternal Mortality is considered one measure of the quality of a country's healthcare. Prior to 2003, only 18 states in the US had a pregnancy question on their death certificate.

Dec 8th, 2016
Get It While You Can

Free access to contraception may change with President-elect Trump administration.

Nov 11th, 2016
You Don't Want This.

In the US, the majority of women diagnosed with TNBC are African American.

Oct 7th, 2016
The O Shot

There is the vampire face lift and the vampire breast lift*. Now there is the O shot.

Sep 30th, 2016
Less Than Honest

Coronary heart disease has been and continues to be a leading cause of death in the US.

Sep 14th, 2016
Could It Be That Simple?

A recent study concluded that 10 minutes of daily stretching done before bedtime decreased symptoms of menopause and depression in middle aged working Japanese women.

Sep 2nd, 2016
Use It Or Lose It

Do you think it is possible for a 20 year old woman to vaginally deliver a 7lb 8oz baby and 35 years later be unable to insert a device the size of an egg (similar to the picture) into her vagina?

Jul 31st, 2016
When Is She Too Old To Have A Baby?

It's happening world wide.. through the use of assisted reproduction - egg freezing, egg donation and in vitro fertilization - women are having babies in the 50's, 60's and 70's.

Jul 29th, 2016
Aesthetic Medicine -Is It For You?

I recently attended an aesthetic medicine conference. I was impressed with what I saw and amazed at the amount of money people, primarily women, are willing to spend in order to remove fat and to fill in wrinkles.

Jul 6th, 2016
Is It Necessary?

The US Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) has conducted a systematic review of the literature to answer 3 questions about routine pelvic exams in otherwise asymptomatic females.

Jun 29th, 2016
Acupuncture Worked.

A group of 170 peri- and postmenopausal women received acupuncture treatment over a six month period.

Jun 15th, 2016

Menopausal symptoms are due to a decline in estrogen. Many women are either afraid or confused by the reports and recommendations given even by their various physicians.

Jun 8th, 2016
Too Much Sitting

A sedentary lifestyle was defined as less than three episodes of physical activity lasting 30 minutes or longer per week.

Jun 1st, 2016
Don't Cry.

In 1990, 22% of all OBGYNs were women. By 2010, 49% of all OBGYNs were women. This trend continues. Among the 86,439 med school graduates from 2013-2014, 85% of those choosing to enter into an OBGYN residency were female.

Apr 6th, 2016
Need For Family Planning & Contraception

In some countries women are being advised to delay pregnancy until 2018. This might be sage advice if the woman had control over their ability to get pregnant, if they had access and could afford contraception.

Feb 10th, 2016
Thank God It's Winter In The US

The number of documented cases of the Zika virus in the US continue to increase. Cases of the Zika virus have recently been documented in Delaware and Pennsylvania.

Feb 10th, 2016
Mary And Joseph

If Mary and Joseph were living in the US, they would probably be low income persons of color. And Mary would have to work in order to help make ends meet.

Jan 13th, 2016
Should You Deliver Your Baby At Home?

As an OBGYN trained in the US, my knee jerk reaction was to shout “NO!” I have been in too many situations where a seemingly normal delivery turns into an emergency situation.

Dec 31st, 2015
Kudos To ACOG

Whether the health outcome is unintended pregnancies, preterm labor or diabetes related deaths there are glaring disparities between women of various racial and ethnic groups in this country.

Dec 30th, 2015
What's Wrong With This Picture?

The medical establishment has accused the makers and proponents of compounded hormone therapy of misleading the women into believing that their products were safer and more natural.

Dec 16th, 2015
What Hologic Didn't Say

What they don't say is Hologic has approx 60% US market for mammography units which they sell and service.

Dec 2nd, 2015
Fat Sex

A 14 year study was conducted among 2,528 midlife women looking at the association between weight or change in weight and sexual function.

Nov 25th, 2015
Killer Heels

Why do we subject ourselves to so much unnecessary distortion?

Nov 4th, 2015
Stop The Madness

The American Cancer Society recently revised its screening recommendations for mammograms.

Oct 21st, 2015

A recent article was published in the Economist regarding the presence and potential effects of porn seen on the Internet.

Oct 14th, 2015
Do Only White Women Get Hot Flashes?

Do white women complain more about their hot flashes than other women? Is menopause a white woman's "disease". These questions sound silly.

Oct 8th, 2015
Blame Suzanne Somers

Hormone therapy is effective in treating hot flashes, vaginal dryness and helping to prevent osteoporosis.

Sep 30th, 2015
Rethinking Breast Cancer

A basic definition of cancer is abnormal cells growing out of control invading tissue and disrupting normal cell function.

Sep 16th, 2015
Penis Size

(No image is posted with this blog, you will have to use your imagination.)

Sep 9th, 2015
This Sucks!

A few days ago, Marissa Mayers, CEO of Yahoo announced that she was pregnant with twins and planned only to take limited time off.

Sep 2nd, 2015
At Last

This week Flibanserin (Addyi) was approved by the FDA, making it the first medication prescribed for decreased female libido otherwise known as female hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD).

Aug 20th, 2015
No Sex

The FDA advisory committee recently recommended approval of Flibanserin (Addyi) for female hypoactive sexual desire disorder.

Jul 29th, 2015
Perinatal Depression -More Common Than You Think

Perinatal depression reportedly affects 10 - 20% of women, making it the most common birth related complication - more common than preterm birth, pre-eclampsia , postpartum hemorrhage or infection.

Jul 27th, 2015

2015 Report Card on State Healthcare Price Transparency.

Jul 8th, 2015
No Fat Shaming

We have been recently inundated with reports about how obese we have become. Obesity is defined as a BMI (weight divided by height ratio) of 30 or higher.

Jun 30th, 2015
Don't Break A Leg!

From the pharmaceutical databases, it's been determined that anti-depressants are the 3rd most commonly prescribed drug.

Jun 30th, 2015
Senseless Killing

A 21 year old white male shoots and kills 9 black people during a Wednesday night Bible Study. God help us.

Jun 18th, 2015
$1,000 ?!

I normally write about women's health issues. However this was so outrageous! I couldn't resist sharing.

Jun 16th, 2015
Sexual Pleasure

A study of 335 women aged 40-62 years showed that neither low dose estrogen pills nor anti-depression pills improved sex drive, arousal or orgasm.

Jun 7th, 2015