Dear Black Woman

You're really awesome.

However, the strong black woman is hurting. Your health statistics are tragic. And it's not OK. A change is needed.

It starts  with:

The current healthcare system works "best" when you are ill, when you need surgery and when you are dependent on medications. It's really not enough to go for an annual check up to "catch a problem early". It's better if you lived and ate in a such a way so to minimiae catching the problem at all.

Our food and water are contaminated. Recent reports of chemical (EDCs) have been linked to multiple female problems and cancer. We have a healthcare system that makes us consumers of healthcare and not the authors of our health.

Getting an annual GYN exam and mammogram isn't going to keep you well. The reality is you can't eat excessive amounts of salt, drink excessive amounts of sugar, be stressed daily and think that you won't develop hypertension, diabetes, depression or worse.

Time to go back to basics. Cook your own food. You are more likely to use less sugar and salt. Babies don't come out craving sugar and salt. It's an acquired taste. It can be unlearned.

If you are a single black woman over the age of forty, odds are you're eatting most meals alone. Consider inviting someone over to share a meal. Don't wait for a holiday. Loneliness is real. Depression is real. The pain is real. And the solution is never in another drink or more food. In a weeks time, if the only reason for dressing up is to go to church, this could point to a problem. Not that it's wrong to go to church, but why not more, why not experience a full and abundant life while your are blessed to be alive?

Move your body. Don't wait for the next party to line dance. Why not dance every day? Walk with GirlTrek. Spend 30 minutes every day moving your body. Do it until it's a habit.

Bottom line: take care of yourself. The world knows your history, sees your beauty, recognizes your ability to defy the odds, and has witnessed your strength time and time again. Black women don't have to be the sickest females on the planet. Assume the role of healer beginning with yourself. Make this a Happy New Year.

Lastly, check out the new podcast Black Women's Health on Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Anchor, Spotify, iTunes. Start this year with 2020 vision, more love for yourself and a commitment to your health.






Sharan Abdul-Rahman, MD

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