• Don't Cry.

    by Sharan Abdul-Rahman, MD
    on Apr 6th, 2016

In 1990, 22% of all OBGYNs were women. By 2010, 49% of all OBGYNs were women. This trend continues. Among the 86,439 med school graduates from 2013-2014, 85% of those choosing to enter into an OBGYN residency were female.

Male OBGYNs have said:

"It seems like male OBGYNs are becoming dinosaurs. I really feel sexual discrimination is going to change this profession forever.""It is increasingly impossible for males to be successful in OBGYN."

"It is increasingly impossible for males to be successful in OBGYN.""Sexism is becoming the norm and soon there will be no place for men in this field."

"Sexism is becoming the norm and soon there will be no place for men in this field.""It has become a

"It has become a female-dominate business with discrimination against men."

Consider that Urology which deals primarily with male genital health issues is male dominated. Approximately 8% of all practicing urologists are female. Urology has the biggest gender disparity of all the medical specialties.

Is it sexist to prefer a same sex physician when dealing with gender specific health issues?

Author Sharan Abdul-Rahman, MD

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