Elective Egg Freezing: When Is It Too Late To Consider?

The ability to become pregnant declines as a women gets older. When she is diagnosed with diminished ovarian reserve, infertility treatments are less successful, miscarriages increase, and the likelihood of giving birth diminish. Often these women are advised to use donor eggs.

Elective egg freezing is a major breakthrough for women. Just as birth control pills allowed women the freedom to enjoy sex without the fear of pregnancy. Elective egg freezing allows women to bypass their biological clock and to become pregnant and to give birth at an older age.

Egg freezing is still a relatively new. As with all medical advances, both the short and long term effects have to studied. And the risks need to be understood before proceeding. Given that, the optimal time for a woman to freeze her eggs is while she is in her reproductive prime.

Egg freezing before 35 yr reduces the concerns of genetic abnormalities associated with advanced maternal age. Egg freezing before age 38 is currently recommended. Waiting lessens the probability of success.

Sharan Abdul-Rahman, MD

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