Fat Sex

A 14 year study was conducted among 2,528 midlife women looking at the association between weight or change in weight and sexual function. The women were followed annually for an average of 7.9 years.

The four areas of sexual function evaluated were:
ability to climax
frequency of intercourse 

The baseline characteristics of the women included the following
Mean age = 45.8 yr
Mean baseline weight = 161 lbs with a mean baseline BMI =27.7
76.5% had some college education or higher
74.1% were married or living as married
63.7% reported no difficulty paying for basic necessities 

The findings showed:

Nackers, L.et al. "Associations between body mass index and sexual functioning in midlife women: the Study of Women's Health Across the Nation" Menopause, Vol.22, No.11, 2015,1175-1181

Sharan Abdul-Rahman, MD

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