I have a headache..

Throughout history and in various societies, female sexuality has been focused on how to please and how to be more appealing to men.

Too often, our sexual education/exploration/growth gets stunted because of incest and general societal norms regarding being “a good girl”. The result being: We don’t talk about sex. We don’t look “down there”. We don’t touch.

Should we dare to question or explore our sexuality, we can be labeled as deviant. Safer for us to let our sexuality to become subservient to male pleasure. Throughout our reproductive years, our sexuality can take a secondary stance to child bearing and child rearing. And years later we find that our bad memories have been buried, the children have grown, and we are no longer “the sweet young thing”.

What if being made to feel subservient is by design? What if -  once a woman owns her sexuality, she becomes a powerful. She becomes a woman who knows what she needs, knows how to get and knows how to feel sexual pleasure. If this feels uncomfortable or seems radical to you, ask yourself WHY?

When will we take the time to explore and to own our sexual powers?



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