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    by Sharan Abdul-Rahman, MD
    on Jul 29th, 2015

The FDA advisory committee recently recommended approval of Flibanserin (Addyi) for female hypoactive sexual desire disorder. Flibanserin is an anti-depressant. So why are so many female conditions including:

PMSHot flashes/ Night sweats

Hot flashes/ Night sweatsChronic pelvic pain

Chronic pelvic painNow Low sex drive

Now Low sex drivetreated with antidepressants?

treated with antidepressants?

Flibanserin is currently recommended for premenopausal women only. It is manufactured by
Sprout Pharmaceuticals. The average age of the women in their studies was 36 years.
However, it's the older woman (peri- and post menopausal) who have the greatest complaints of
decreased sexual desire.

Men currently have Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra for sexual dysfunction. If the FDA grants approval
for Flibanserin, it would will be the first medication for female sexual dysfunction.
The drug's mechanism of action is unknown. The studies conducted over six months showed
marginal to modest sexual desire improvement with side affects including sleepiness, fainting
and low blood pressure. The FDA advisory committee made its recommended for approval
contingent on there being that warning labels, education programs with prescriber training and

Female hyposexual dysfunction is real and can affect relationships and self image. And given
the number of affected women, an effective medication for decreased sex drive would be a huge
"cash cow". However, this drug seems to be a limited benefit.

Women deserve better.

Author Sharan Abdul-Rahman, MD

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