Sometimes you gotta see a GYN..

As it becomes clear that there will be long term financial and social consequences to this
current pandemic, Today's Woman has created a special offering for those who
unemployed or without health insurance.

On Wednesdays at TODAY'S WOMAN you can have: - 30 minute office visit including history, breast and pelvic examination with asessment and plan.
- testing including pap, HPV, STI testing (cost of labs, diagnostic testing are NOT included)
- access to basic office procedures ie IUD insertions, colposcopy (cost of IUD, pathology is NOT included)
- this special offer is for those who are currently unemployed or without health insurance
- Cost: give what you can.

Contact the office at 267-979-8400.
As we look forward to better days let's remember to take care and to stay well.
Sharan Abdul-Rahman, MD

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