The Lessons Are Everywhere

Normally this blog is about medical issues affecting women.

However, I received a powerful lesson the other morning. This is the same morning when the big news was the stock market dropping. I thought about the cliche that doctors were immune to financial worries. While no one really believes this, it's perpetuated to make doctors and their concerns about the health care system to look "greedy and out of touch with the real world". I thought about doctors who have been "beat down' and who accept "factory" like medicine. It's the scarcity mentality that keeps us afraid.

My lesson happened when I was picking my morning harvest of cherry tomatoes and jalapenos. Just two little plants have grown and produced an abundance. Clearly the universe doesn't operate with a scarcity mentality- neither should we. Given the right environment and nurturing we all can be productive. Maybe a greatest challenge is in letting go of the scarcity mentality.

Sharan Abdul-Rahman, MD

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