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Have you ever been advised to practice Kegel exercises?

These are the exercises that help to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles (a very important but often overlooked part of female anatomy). Women with strong pelvic floors have more dynamic and responsive vaginas during sexual intercourse. Women who are postpartum and older women who want to help to prevent "dropping of the bladder", uterine prolapse and/or urinary leakage benefit. It's hard to think of a woman who wouldn't benefit from a stronger pelvic floor

The problem is that despite instructions,Kegel exercises are hard to do because it's hard to identify the right muscles. Too often, women are tightening the abdominal or gluteal muscles resulting in no benefit to the pelvic floor.

Now there is a new devise called Elvie to help solve this problem. Once you have downloaded the Elvie app onto your smart phone, the devise then gets inserted into your vagina (its sleek and easy to insert). While going through progressively harder exercises for i.e. muscular strength, speed of muscular contraction, ability to hold a pelvic contraction, you are provided with biofeedback as you are performing the exercises. It lets you know how well you are doing and to follow your progress,

I don't usually promote products, however as a gynecologist I believe this product can hep many women. After all, what woman doesn't want a more responsive vagina and a dynamic pelvic floor! I have tried Elvie. I've always liked the concept of immediate biofeedback that can be done at home, and I liked the device more after use. Email me -  - if you would like more information or would like to receive a discount on your Elvie purchase.

Sharan Abdul-Rahman, MD

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