Too Much Sitting

Over 6,000 middle aged Hispanic women from 11 different Latin American countries were surveyed about the level of their physical activity and the severity of their menopausal symptoms.

Women who were sedentary had more symptoms and more severe menopausal symptoms including sexual problems, bladder problems and vaginal dryness. The sedentary women were less well educated, had more children and were less likely to have a stable partner. These women had more depressive symptoms, more anxiety and more insomnia. Their waist size was larger and they had a higher prevalence of obesity and diabetes when compared to the physically active group.

A sedentary lifestyle was defined as less than three episodes of physical activity lasting 30 minutes or longer per week.

Blumel J et al. Sedentary lifestyle in middle aged women is associated with severe menopausal symptoms and obesity.Menopause:The Journal of the North American Menopause Society. Vol 23, No 5, pp 488-493

Sharan Abdul-Rahman, MD

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