Ways to avoid vaginal dryness

Ways to avoid vaginal dryness


Most women are too embarassed to ask. Don't suffer in silence. Make this the best time of your life.


  1. Regular sexual activity with partner, device and/or solo.


  1. Elimination of smoking


  1. Hydration


  1. Pelvic floor muscle toning- resistance training


  1. ?Probiotics, dietary supplements, herbs ie black cohosh 


  1. Moisturizers - daily use
      1. OTC Non Hormonal - Replens,  Vagisil, Luvena


  1. Lubricants - before/during sexual activity
      1. Jojoba oil
      2. Olive oil
      3. Coconut oil
      4. Aloe Vera oil
      5. Vitamin E
      6. OTC Non Hormonal - Astroglide, KY Jelly, Pjur Eros


  1. Medications
      1. Estrogen
          1. Estrogen cream - Estrace / Premarin
          2. Estrogen vaginal pill - Vagifem
          3. Estrogen vaginal ring - Estring/ Femring
          4. Systemic HRT
      2. “DHEA” IntraRosa (Prasterone) - nightly vaginal pill
      3. “SERM” Osphena (Ospemifene) - daily oral pill


  1. MonaLisaTouch - vaginal laser treatment


  1. Vaginal dilators (for introital narrowing, vaginal constriction)


Sharan Abdul-Rahman, MD

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