We Can't Afford To Ignore Global Women's Health

As we are now learning in the US that the Zika virus has been present and known to have caused infections in Africa, Asia and the South Pacific for decades. These locations are remote. Recently, there have been Zika infections noted in countries closer to the US.

While these infections are usually mild. Pregnant women can transmit the virus to theri unborn babies. The recent Zika outbreaks in Brazil, have been linked to an increased risk of microcephaly (a brain birth defect) in newborns. Now we have world wide concern regarding the Zika virus.

It is foolish to assume that we are insulated from the diseases that affect others elsewhere. This is a reminder that we are all literally "in this together". We are one. Since disease transmission does not recognize borders, let's take a global perspective with women's healthcare.

Sharan Abdul-Rahman, MD

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